20 jun

The 35th CTEVT, Management Review Conference Concludes

  • time : 21/03/2019

he 35th CTEVT, Management Review Conference has been conducted from 5-7 Poush, 2074 in Nepalgunj issuing the 5-points Nepalgunj Declaration base on the issues raised during the conference. The conference venue was at Bheri Technical School and it was actively participated by 36 CTEVT constituent and partner school Principals, CTEVT Vice-Chairperson (VC), Member-Secretary (MS) including all the divisional and Regional Directors. The Conference was inaugurated by the VC, Dr. Kul Bahadur Basnet highlighting ours changing roles in the present federal context and he has directed everyone to work effectively in this regard.      

Mr. Pushpa Raman Wagle, MS CTEVT has urged to all the Directors and the Principles to initiate for more devotion to fulfill the mission of the organization at the present constitutional system.  

Dr. Dinesh Chandra Devkota, the former Vice-Chairperson, National Planning Commission (NPC) and the former CTEVT Director has delivered an important presentation on the organizational structure, roles and responsibilities of CTEVT in federal system. He also highlighted the overall development phenomenon.

Prof. Dr. Gita Bhakta Joshi, Hon. Member, NPC and the Chief Guest of the closing ceremony highlighted that the CTEVT is an important organization for the nation and it should be strengthened. On behalf of NPC, he assured that he will support CTEVT to make it more effective in the days to come.

The conference discussion was especially focused on the issues and shortcomings that are facing by the schools and their possible solutions. Overall, the conference was very fruitful to guide CTEVT further.